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Three women of different ages separated by religion and culture find themselves in Canada where they help one another to overcome their haunted past. Samia, from Algeria; Mliss, from Cambodia; and Manuela, from Chile, all faced political turmoil in their respective homelands, and in the ensuing chaos suffered enormuesly. Yet while each upheaval was different (an Islamic armed revolution, communist-led genocide, a right wing coup), all three soon come to realize that the struggles they have undergone are similar. They must learn to accept the dual nature of being human: within every person is the capacity both to save and to destroy. This novel is based on real events and accounts by people who lived in the four countries mentioned in the book, however all characters are fictitious. Translation by: Tammy Dolansky


Translated from the Spanish by Tammy Dolansky

Three Lotuses in a Sea of Fire - Camila Reimers

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