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Editorial Board

The members of the Editorial Board of ANTARES Publishing House have been chosen for their expertise in their fields. They are:

Margarita Feliciano
(Editor in Chief)

Margarita Feliciano, Board Director, is a poet, critic and literary translator of Italo-Argentinian origin, living in Canada and supporting the Hispanic community since 1969. She has published several books of poetry and her works have appeared in anthologies and in other publications in Europe and in the Americas. She is a professor Emerita at Glendon College, York University. A tireless volunteer and advocate for the Hispanic community, Feliciano was recognized in 2009 as one of “10 Most Influential Hispanic-Canadians” in the area of literacy.

Julianna Drexler

Julianna Drexler is Head of the Frost Library located on the Glendon Campus. She is fluently trilingual in Hungarian, French and English and is making attempts to learn Spanish.

Gabriela Etcheverry

Gabriela Etcheverry is a writer, literary critic and cultural advocate from Ottawa and also the co-founder of Red Cultural Hispánica (Hispanic Cultural Network). She received her Ph.D. in Literature from Laval University and published her novel Latitudes in 2007. Gabriela’s poems and short stories from her collections "El árbol del pan" and "Tú y yo" have been published in various magazines, anthologies and websites in Canada and Chile. She currently manages the literary magazine Qantati ( and is working on a new novel set in Gravenhurst, Ontario, the homeland of her husband.

Steven Glassman

Steven Glassman is a professional manager. Following a dozen years as a manager of laboratories, he completed an MBA and moved into the printing industry. He has worked with weekly and monthly newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and book publishers. Steve joined York University in 2004 as the Director of its in house print shop, mailing department and bookstore and is also a founding director of The Force for Cultural Event Productions, a non profit organization that produces 60 literary events a year. Steve’s proudest accomplishment is as a co-founder of Pages Books and Magazines, which has a 30 year history as an independent bookseller and community destination in the downtown Queen Street West scene in Toronto.

Rosario Gómez

Is an associate professor at the University of Guelph, School of Languages and Literatures. She earned her Doctorate at the University of Toronto, specializing in Hispanic linguistics and Sociolinguistics.  Her research is focussed on sociolinguistics, on the theory and Practice of translation and on Spanish / English as second language.  She is also Coordinator of the Universidad de  Alcalá de Henares (Spain)  Ecuadorian Corpus of the Project for Sociolinguistics of Spanish, in Spain and in Latin America (PRESEEA).

Elizabeth Iturbe

Is an art historian and educator trained in Mexico at the Universidad de Lasalle, at Instituto Politécnico Internacional. at the Universidad Iberoamericana and at Mexico Campus of the Atlantic International University, where she is a doctoral candidate.  Since her arrival to Canada in 2007, she has designed and implemented educational projects in Toronto and has been teaching and lecturing in art history and cultural topics at several institutions, such as the University of Toronto, York University and the North Toronto Senior Centre.

Members Ad Honorem

Jorge Etcheverry

Born in Chile in 1945, he is a former member of the Escuela de Santiago and of the  Grupo América, which were part of the poetic trends in Chile in the late 60’s -early 70’s. In 1975 he came to Canada, where he obtained his Doctorate in Comparative Literatures.  In Canada he was a Member of the Editorial Board of Editorial Cordillera and he is currently  Co-Director of Editorial Cita Trunca / Split Quotation. He has published numerous books of poetry,  short stories and articles and he has appeared in many anthologies.  His works have been translated and reviewed in several foreign languages.  His recent publications include “Apocalipsis con Amazonas” (2016), “Los herederos”(2018)  and “Outsiders” (2020). 

Hugh Hazelton

Hugh Hazelton is an award-winning translator and writer who specializes in the comparison of Canadian and Quebec Literatures with those of Latin America, as well as in the works  of Latin American writers in Canada. He has written several books of poetry and translates from French, Spanish and Portuguese into English. He is a professor emeritus of Spanish at Concordia University and former co-director of the Banff International Literary Translation Centre in Alberta.  In 2007 He published “Latinocanada”, an important critical study of ten Latin American writers living in Canada. 

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