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(ENG) Health, health policy, and globalization: Complex challenges and opportunities

By Ruth J. E. Jones, Ph.D.

The provision of health care, and the concomitant development of health policy and analysis, are becoming more complex and are presenting increasingly fragmented challenges, as the United Nations General Assembly's Sustainable Development goals broaden to embrace a global perspective. Researchers, academics, and stakeholders are recognizing that not only are theoretical and empirical approaches to the health policy process becoming more multidimensional, but also, that there has been a surge in the range of determinants that affect all aspects of population health, which include the rapid ascendency of factors, such as artificial intelligence, climate change, and governance.

Drawing on observations by scholars and practitioners who work in specialized and transdisciplinary fields, and who have studied the evolution of the causes and of the consequences brought about by these changes, I intend to provide an overview of the factors that have led to the current situation and discuss some of the extraordinary challenges to advancement in global health, as well as opportunities for the future.



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