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Download for free: Treinta Años más tarde / Thirty Years Later

30 Years Later Book - Digital format

ANTARES Publishing House is pleased to launch the digital version of the book Treinta Años más tarde / Thirty Years Later: The Cultural Celebration of the Spanish Language, in its digital format. The printed version of the book will be published in July of 2023.

30 Years Later - Digital Book
Download • 9.73MB

The book was inspired by the proclamation of the Mayor of Toronto, in which he declared April 23 Spanish Language Day in Toronto, in 2021. The book demonstrates that this proclamation is the fruition initiated in 1991, in preparation for the most transcendental process in history: the fifth centennial of the meeting of European cultures with the cultures in the Americas. This event took place in 1992.

The objective of the book is to highlight the thirty years of history of the presence of Hispanics in Canada, from 1991 to 2021, and the multi-faceted cultural and supportive bridge that unites Hispanics and Canadians.


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