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Rebuilding Mexico, on November 17

In the aftermath of two terrible earthquakes, Mexican families are left without a safe place to call home all throughout the shaken land. A campaign to rebuild the most affected areas with the support of “Fundación Jóvenes de México, A.C.” is starting.

We invite you to join us in a unique evening that offers the projection of the Mexican film “El tamaño Sí importa” directed by Rafa Lara and featuring Ximena Ayala and Vadhir Derbez, recently premiered at Lataff; followed by a musical serenade under direction of Mexican baritone Cesar Bello and the participation of very special and talented singers and musicians.

An event organized with the support of ANTARES Publishing House of Spanish Culture, Sargasi Publications, Celebración Cultural del Idioma Español (CCIE) and Sí-Sí-Cine Toronto Latin Film Festival and also Consulate General of Mexico in Toronto and Fundación Jóvenes de México, A.C.

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