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Join ANTARES in celebrating our Tenth Anniversary — submit your work!

Celebrating 10 Successful Years of Publications

"ANTARES Publishing House of Spanish Culture is a trilingual publishing house created in 2005 and incorporated in 2006 as a not-for-profit publisher. Antares specializes in publishing works of creative and academic nature, written in — or translated into — Spanish, English, or French, for the purpose of bringing the literary and the scholarly production of the Spanish-speaking world to the attention of North American audiences. SARGASI Editorial is a division of Antares, created in 2013, with the purpose of bringing international recognition and appreciation to works of fresh and innovative thematic content written in lesser known languages. Through the vehicle of translation into English, French or Spanish, Sargasi aims at making these works known to literary audiences worldwide. Antares and Sargasi welcome authors, poets, translators, artists, speakers of aboriginal languages, and all those interested in enhancing the mandates of these publishing houses through their contributions.

Any and all proposals must be submitted to the Publisher and Editor in Chief, Professor Margarita Feliciano.

Please see our contact page for more information!

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