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You Bring Me Wings is divided into three sections: Love, Female Friends, and Other Worlds. Each begins with a conversation between Pat and Ethel, and is followed by a section of poems, complementary to the topic of conversation, from previous collections published by each poet (Pat translated Ethel´s work; Ethel translated Pat´s). As in music, a theme is introduced, the elaborated on a duet of voices, harmonizing. This is an effective format, one that engages us with both the similarities of and th e differences between the two writers.


These are following poems which have been translated by Margarita Feliciano:


Poems by Ethel Krauze translated from Spanish to English:

1. Canciones de Amor Antiguo / Songs of Ancient Love

2. No me preguntes. amor / Don´t ask me, love

3. Ya viene amor / Love is Coming

4. Se llama llama / Flame is the name

5. Los enamorados vuelan / The Lovers fly

6. La luna se está peinando / The is grooming herself


Poems by Patricia Keeney translated from English to Spanish:

1. Let me show you / Déjame que te muestre

2. Roissy / Roissy

3. Just touching / Tocarse apenas

4. Strangely at Peace / Extrañamente en paz

5. The Mouths of faceless women / Boca de mujeres sin rostro

Translated by: Patricia Keeney (Spanish to English), Ethel Krauz (English to Spanish), Margarita Feliciano (Spanish to English and English to Spanish)

You Bring Me Wings / Me traes alas - Margarita Feliciano

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