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“The creative work of Lady rojas Benavente -in particular, her poetry- is in perfect coherence with the topics she approaches, which focus on cultural encounters, on issues regarding integration, on discoveries involving the self and her relationship with other persons, as well as on issues concerning women’s liberation. There is a great aesthetic value in Rojas Benavente’s literary expression, in her handling of poetic form and in the accurate and delicate manner in which she conveys the rhythm and the power that result from this communication.

The topics expressed in Rojas Benavente’s poetry are founded on rich -and sometimes difficult- personal experiences. They are always interpreted in positive ways, buttressed, as they are, by her indestructible faith in multiculturalism and by the benefits acquired from cultural encounters resulting from a deeper knowledge of the self and of others.”

Roland Fourges.

Water Star / Estrella de Agua - Lady Rojas Benavente

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