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“Seldom does one comes across a work of such quality as this. It is one of the most impressive books that I have read in a long while. The varied narrative style -often unusual, always intricately wrought/ creates spaces both surprising and extraordinary. The stories form an inseparable whole unified by intertextual traces of two fundamental thematic relationships: man/woman and abundance/poverty. Secret, hidden truths discerned run from social exclusion, personal and family violence, and forms of madness and derangement to carnal pleasure and sexual ambiguity. At the same time, with exceptional narrative skill the author depicts the class and cultural confrontations lived by her characters, the human face of society and its inhuman aspect, wherein readers will no doubt recognize particulars of their own experience. The concerted technique of traces and resonances -temporal and spatial- makes each story seem key to the whole. A fitting together of fiction and reality, this book exemplifies the outstanding creativity of Gabriela Etcheverry. Don’t miss it.”


Nela Rio.


Translated from the Spanish by Yvonne Klintborn

The Breadfruit Tree and Other Stories - Gabriela Etcheverry

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