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Santiago, a Guatemalan in his early forties, travels to the heart of Galicia to meet some relatives who still live in that region. After they have lunch, the family members take him to see the house in which his Galician grandfather was born. Upon seeing the dilapidated dwelling, he is invaded by a series of inexplicable sensations which modify his life.

From that point on, the text narrates the story of Santiago and of Ainara, the ephemeral love of his youth. Ainara was a young girl who joined the Guatemalan guerrilla and was murdered under very unusual circumstances, reason for which Santiago does not have a relationship.


Santiago’s journey through the center of Galicia, during which he chats with his deceased grandfather, while at the same time brooding on his existence.


Spirals was published in Spanish in 2009 and a Galician edition, Espirais will soon be released in Galicia.


Translated from Spanish by Élizabeth Desbiens.

Spirals (English) - Javier Mosquera Saravia

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