Other Latitudes: Argentinian Voices Around the 49th Parallel is the exponent of the creative resonance of writers who moved from Argentina to other latitudes of Americas impelled by historical and personal circumstances. In all of their works, novels, short stories as well as their in poetry, these writers show that despite having lived outside the country for decades -in most cases- they still maintain a typically Argentinian worldview. Nevertheless, some cultural and linguistic elements are noticed in their writings, associated them with the territorial area defined by the 49th parallel north: the imaginary line that serves as a border between the U.S. and Canada.


Anthology of Contemporary Writers, 2013. By Guillermo Bañuelos, Natalia Crespo, Margarita Feliciano, Julián Fernández, Claudio Andrés Kuczer, Nela Rio, María del Carmen Sillato, Pablo Urbanyi, and Marilyn Westlake.

Editor: Margarita Feliciano
Translated from the Spanish by: Andrea Pisera, Élizabeth Desbiens

Other Latitudes: Argentinian Voices Around the 49th ... - Margarita Feliciano

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